Print and Proof over the last 10 years has worked with a very diverse client range. From dedicated amateur photographers to very large publishers and institutions. All of them have benefitted from the practical application of colour management and ongoing the support we give.

Colour Management Training

What is there to learn about colour? Join our colour expert and save your business time and money by implementing a colour-management strategy for all your files. We give practical advice to help photographers and designers make their compositions shine.

Theory and practice combine as we show you how to put together a workflow that produces consistent colour results across all your files. You will learn about profiling monitors, RGB and CMYK colour spaces, and PDF and ISO standards. During the course, you will be allowed to practise with your own personal examples. A perfect way to put your new knowledge to good use and to improve your own workflow.

Please call Malcolm Mackenzie on 07910 412 431 to find out what we can do for you.




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